Terms and Conditions


1. Payment

• When the full payment has been received by GD Accommodation you’ll receive confirmation of you reservation.
• Please note the full payment MUST be received before your reservation can be confirmed.
• Non-payment will cancel the reservation automatically.
• All payment methods will be listed on our invoices.

2. Check In

• Please let us know 24 hours in advance the approximate time you would like to check in.
• Check in times are flexible (subject to availability).
• A member of staff will meet you at the apartment with the keys.
• Please bring with you one form of photo-ID (i.e. passport, driving licence) and a utility bill.

3. Residency

One bedroom apartment = Maximum 2 people.
Two bedroom apartment = Maximum 4 people.
Three bedroom apartment = Maximum 6 people.
Four bedroom apartment = Maximum 8 people.

If you require extra beds we can provide beds at an additional charge; per bed.

Please notify us in advance if you require additional beds.
Violation of the agreed number of residents allowed may result in:

  • Cancellation of the booking.
  • Disallowed from the accommodation.
  • Additional charges.
  • Pets are prohibited in all of our Serviced apartments.

4. Cleaning

• During your stay, it is your responsibility to ensure the apartment is left in the same condition as it was when you checked in.
• If the apartment is left in an unreasonable condition upon departure, additional costs may be incurred.

5. Disclaimer

• GD Accommodation will not be liable or responsible for any damages, losses or costs incurred to the occupier’s:
• Personal property.
• Delays in travel.
• Personal accident.
• Injury or death.
• Unauthorised Third Party guests occupying the property.

6. Provisos

• At the check in, credit card details will need to be supplied in the event that any damages are incurred during your stay, for which you will be charged.
• Excessive wastage of electricity, water and gas may also incur extra charges.
• If the apartment is left in an unreasonable condition upon departure, additional cleaning costs may be incurred.
• Loss of keys will be charged @ £40 for 1 set of keys.
Loss of an electronic entry key or car park gate key will be charged @ £ 80 each.
If the keys cannot be duplicated you will incur the locksmith’s charges.

7. Cancellation Notice

• 10 working days notice is required to cancel any reservations. If the 10 days notice is not received, then you will be charged 50% of the total cost of the stay.
• During the residency if you decide to terminate your booking earlier than the agreed departure date there will be no refunds.

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    Accept Terms and Conditions

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